Monday, May 2, 2011

Nice Girls Rule 60-Day Challenge: Day 35

Nice Girls Challenge Day 35: Show up

Thought of the day: One of my favorite quotes is from an obscure Keanu Reeves movie back in 2001. If you blinked you may have missed, Hard Ball, a film about a coach teaching inner city kids how to play baseball and of course, teaching the odd life lesson- but there is one scene in that move that I think of often.

He has gathered the kids together and gives this speech,
"I want you guys to take a good look at yourselves and feel proud. We made it here. We're here. What I've learned from you is that really one of the most important things in life is showing up. I'm blown away by your ability to show up..."

It is one of the those things that you don't ever read in a 10-step program, but nice girls everywhere understand the importance of "showing up". Showing up can seem so small. A girlfriend is having a hard time at work, so you show up with her favorite shake. Your grandmother is grieving the loss of her husband and your grandpa and so you show up everyday for a month to bring her flowers, or just to have tea.

Showing up unexpectedly, showing up as promised, or showing up when you didn't think you had the time or energy to do so- those 3 scenarios are true tests of your character. So the next time you are vegging out in front of the TV but know you should be out there "showing up" for someone, made the extra effort to go out of your way.

If you keep missing opportunities to help, love or support others, pretty soon there won't be much of a life or friends to show up for.

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