Friday, May 13, 2011

GUEST BLOG! Nice Girls Challenge Day 39: Hand Out Happy-Hearted Fits of Smiling

GUEST BLOG Nice Girls Challenge Day 39: Hand Out "Happy-Hearted Fits of Smiling" with Reckless Abandon

Today's guest blogger is an amazing woman or tryst and trade. Having lived in New York City for several years, Corinne Kalasky worked as an associate publicist for Harper Collins and also worked as an international rights associate for Thomas Nelson. Working with some of the most renowned authors like Star Jones, Nina Garcia, and Marilu Henner she has had her fair share of having to work with high-powered women.

Aside from her stellar resume, she is also the funniest, most laid back lady I know. With an amazing literary sense, she just may be the next big thing so keep your eye out for her soon-to-be blog. She can make even the biggest of B's laugh her pants off. Without further ado, try your hand at her challenge of the day!

Corinne's Thought of the day: Someone once told me about an idea for a children’s book called “Nice is Nice,” which I recall thinking at the time was one of the best titles – not to mention concepts -- I’d ever heard. I also recall thinking that an adult companion volume was at least as necessary, given that simple expressions of thoughtfulness seem to have gone the way of the dodo bird these days. I think we have the increasingly frenetic pace of modern life to blame. Now that everything’s become digitized, we can be everywhere and standing in one place at the same time, but sometimes I think that that convenience has come with a pretty steep price tag; we’ve forgotten how much the little things mean.

I’m one of those people who live by the maxim that little things mean a lot. And by a lot, I mean everything. It’s borderline ridiculous how thrilled I get when I receive a card from a faraway friend letting me know that they’re thinking of me, or a phone call right out of the blue from someone I haven’t talked to in months.

Thoughtful text messages, even, are enough to send me into fits of happy-hearted smiling for entire afternoons, not to mention emails or ecards or any number of YouTube videos featuring animals playing instruments. All these actions, most of which take no longer than a few minutes, make me happy because they let me know that I am loved. That somewhere out there, some friend of mine took a few minutes out of her day to do something that she knew would make me smile.

Today, steal a few minutes from your day for the express purpose of making someone else smile. Send a card, send an email, send a text. Just let someone know that you’re thinking of them. Sometimes clichés exist for a reason. The smallest things make the biggest difference.

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