Monday, April 25, 2011

Nice Girls Rule 60-Day Challenge: Day 33

Nice Girls Challenge Day 33: Treasure the Little Things in Order to Appreciate the Bigger Things

Thought of the Day: I just moved into a new house. Prior to that I had been living in a studio above my parents garage with my infant son and my husband. Having recently moved and had a baby, our new life had become quite different than what it was just mere months ago when we both worked full time and had loads of free time and date nights.

For the last 10 months of my life, I was living in a constant state of perpetual humbling. Granted, I was blessed to have parents that so graciously gave us a place to stay, but I felt like I had a big sticker on my forehead whenever I went anywhere that said, "homeless in Seattle". This is a total "Americanism"- where we think we have to have certain things to be successful. For me, I had serious house envy. I just wanted a place to call my own and a nursery for my son.

And now that I have those things, I realize that the time I had to spend in a state of limbo, where I wasn't certain what our future held or when we would finally have some semblance of a schedule and security, I learned that you don't need those things to be successful- and instead it is the lack of material things that enable us to treasure what we do have If you are "going without" (which is a term I use loosely, since no one in our country is truly without)- look for the opportunity to be humbled and for the beauty in the simple things.

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