Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nice Girls Rule 60-Day Challenge: Day 32

Nice Girls Challenge Day 32: Lose Yourself

Thought of the Day:It is important to look out for number one sometimes. If you are walking in a dark alley, see a car about to swerve in your lane, or are being harassed at work- those are perfect examples of needing to put your foot down, and put yourself and those needs first.

However, far too often we take too much liberty in the name of self. In a world that advertises about all the things we "deserve" its easy to forget how much we already have. So today try to lose yourself for the sake of someone else. Let someone else go first in the grocery line. Let someone in front of you in bad traffic (even if you are running late), or simply let someone else talk about themselves without interjecting a tidbit about you.

This simple act of denying yourself privileges, is a single step towards embracing everyone around you and the important role that each of us play in this crazy world.

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