Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nice Girls Rule 60-Day Challenge: Day 25

For the next few months, every time I post a Blog/Twitter/Facebook message it will be about one simple way to increase your nice girl power. These will be simple ways to make your corner of the world a better place and to celebrate who you are, a woman who has committed herself to giving nice a good name. Here's today's challenge!

Nice Girls Challenge Day 25: Be "let-down"able

Thought of the day: O.k., so maybe I made this term up, but it's something that I have learned through a lifetime of dealing with the normal highs and lows that occur when you're human. I am sure we have all had "one of those days", where nothing seems to go right.

We sleep in, we get bad news, we lock ourselves out, we run out of gas, we lost the job, we didn't get the job, we were forgotten, we were singled out....on and on and on. Life has its own way of refining our ability to be patient and optimistic in spite of the ugly days. I tend to get easily run down when one bad day turns into several, and as a result have learned the importance of managing my expectations.

The truth is that we will be let down from time to time. The question is, can we do it gracefully? When our pride is hurt, things go awry, or our feelings are bruised, try to say a little prayer, count your blessings, or let out one big scream and move on.

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