Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nice Girls Rule 60-Day Challenge: Day 20

For the next two months, every time I post a Blog/Twitter/Facebook message it will be about one simple way to increase your nice girl power. These will be simple ways to make your corner of the world a better place and to celebrate who you are, a woman who has committed herself to giving nice a good name. Here's today's challenge!

Nice Girls Challenge Day 20: Learn from your mistakes

Thought of the day: This one is another gut punch for those who are taking this challenge seriously. My book has subject matter in it whose sole purpose is to encourage nice girls everywhere to stay that way, and how to avoid being ensnared by the b!thch's lifestyle. This has led me into the lion's den in more ways than one.

With such moral high ground as my platform, I have been called a hypocrite a time or two. The truth about being a nice girl in a world where mean is queen, is that we won't always get it right. We will say hurtful things, we will do the opposite of what we want to do, and we may even wear the "B" hat for a short time. Thus is the cycle of life.

Things aren't easy, and all we can do is wake up in the morning and recommit to trying to get it right. If you are a nice girl and have been called a hypocrite by a B, consider the fact that you are still in the process of becoming a better person. Like I say in my book, being human means that we are all made with a faulty wiring system- so allow yourself to make mistakes, just be sure you learn from them. And never let a B tell you that you are not a nice girl because you are not perfect.

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