Friday, February 11, 2011

Nice Girls Rule 60-Day Challenge: Day 6

For the next two months, every time I post a Blog/Twitter/Facebook message it will be about one simple way to increase your nice girl power. These will be simple ways to make your corner of the world a better place and to celebrate who you are, a woman who has committed herself to giving nice a good name. Here's today's challenge!

Nice Girls Challenge Day 6:

Go on a Gossip Mag Fast

Thought of the day: Believe me, even I have a hard time with this one. If it wasn't for my husband and I needing to watch our budget I think I would pick up a copy of US Weekly every time I check out at the grocery store. I love the fashions, the whose dating or leaving who, and can even get into yet another fabricated article from "sources" who know Lindsay Lohan did or did not steal that $2500 one-of-a-kind necklace.

Regardless, I also know the benefit of going on a fast from these magazines. I haven't bought one in over two months and the cleansing from fictitious news is very refreshing. These mags are full of gossip, half-truths and can even be mean-hearted in nature.

Sure, celebs put themselves in the spotlight, but people making money off of their missteps and their milestones seems to be wrong. Especially when I realize how invasive the images really are that the mags buy off of paparazzi. If someone was stealing snaps of my son every time we tried to go to the park I may also wind up on the cover of the magazine with newly discovered anger issues. Save yourself some dough and pick up a book instead.

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